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Selling or renting your house or an apartment?

There is a saying simply put, “a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client”. Everyone has a profession, a trade or a specialty. Real estate in all its phases is ours. When we rent your property, we know that you are putting your trust in us to find the right person/people to respect your investment, pay their rent promptly and honor your rental agreement. It is usually more important who will rent from you than who will buy your property. We understand the sacrifices that landlords make and the disappointments when they find damages or have problems with a tenant.

We prescreen the callers to know a little about them before bringing them to view the property. We check all references carefully including running a credit report. We suggest a meeting (your option) between landlord and tenant to be sure you are comfortable with our recommendation.

We prepare a custom lease for your property to protect the landlord and the to be fair to the tenant. We collect rent and security deposit or last month’s rent for you. We do all the paper work, including the W9 for the escrow account, arrange for keys and conduct a “walk through” to note the condition of the property along with photos. We help the tenant put the services in their name and be sure they know how to operate all the appliances and equipment. We do all the paper work; arrange for keys; meet the in-coming tenants and do a “walk through” to fill out a condition-of-apartment statement and be sure the tenants know how to operate all the appliances and equipment.

We don’t leave you there… we follow up with a reminder when the lease is up for renewal, we prepare a new lease with or without a rent increase and we do another “walk through” to be sure the property is being cared for. We are also there when the tenant moves out to do another inspection of the property and to help determine if there are charges against the security deposit. We are always available if you have a question and to give you our professional advice. Do you need a realtor to rent your property?

Yes, you need us!!!


We advertise your property weekly on

  • MLS
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • our website with photos …

Not once, but EVERY week until it is rented!

Considering selling your property?

for a
no obligation


 You’ve decided to sell your home or property. Now its time to choose a Realtor who will help you determine the right price, get the news out about your listing, and spend the time to service you and your property to make the best sale possible in the shortest amount of time.

How to decide?

Market Analysis: Plunkett Properties offers a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) of your property to help determine the price range you should consider and what you should expect. We gather material and information from the same sources as the other real estate firms. What we offer as an additional benefit is the time to really take a good look at your home, evaluate what a Buyer may see and make suggestions of “fixes” that couid really help in it’s sale. (We can even help you with those!)

Listing: We list all properties with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Trulia and Zillow – the same as the larger firms – but we also use local papers to ensure good market coverage. Your property is getting in front of more potential Buyers. Our website also offers plenty of interior and exterior photos to create interest in seeing your property.

Marketing: Along with using OUR listing services and advertisements – another good way to market your home by having Open House. We actively have an Open House – as all Realtors do – but what you get with a small, family owned business is the interchangeability of your Realtor. You won’t get on a waitlist for an Open House because your Realtor is booked – we can cover for each other since there is no fear of lost clients or lost commission. When you hire a Realtor at Plunkett Properties – you get a back up Realtor as well!

Savings: The bottom line is we can save you money. Many larger firms receive a commission of 5 – 6% for their services. Due to our lower overhead, we pass our savings on to you by offering to list your property at 4% if sold through our office exclusively. This translates to potentially thousands of dollars of savings!

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